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What can I expect from the program?

We meet weekly for an hour-long, coach-led group session.  Each group is about 10 members.  We will check in with each other during the week.  


What will we discuss?

Topics will include goals, denial, challenges, acceptance, stress, lies we tell ourselves, family support or lack thereof and many more. 

Can I set my own pace?

Yes, you will create your goal for the week and check in with group members during the week.

How much does it cost?

It costs $99/month for group membership. Gain knowledge, tools and support.

Receive support

Learn how to create a meal plan with food from the grocery store that nourishes your body and does not leave you feeling hungry.  

Learn how to eat

Come see what a difference group support makes.  It might be the missing factor to making life long changes.

If other strategies have failed at getting control of your food, try Managed Cravings for a month and see the difference.

What others say

Diets didn’t help.  Exercise didn’t help.  People did. 

My cravings were so strong until I got the right food plan and the help to stick with it.


It started as a small group with a common goal.  It was not long before we were all calling on each other to ensure we were working on our goals.

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